Agile Dev East 2017 Concurrent Session - From QA Director to ScrumMaster: My Long and Strange Trip | TechWell


Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

From QA Director to ScrumMaster: My Long and Strange Trip

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The IT field is experiencing significant change and growth. And reinventing yourself is often necessary to stay relevant, thrive, and innovate in today’s modern agile world. More and more organizations are making the strategic decision to adopt agile practices to remain cost-effective in the face of a rapidly changing business climate. As a result of these trends, you may find your career in jeopardy. David Oddis did—as he saw his senior management position disappear. David describes how he recognized the shift, adapted, and became a thriving player in the agile transformation within the organization—even as he continued to pursue his other areas of passion in software testing and leadership. David’s road to redemption was laced with many learning opportunities and experiences, emotional highs and lows, and critical career decisions. Learn from David’s experience as he shares his long and strange trip, and provides the recipe for reinventing and reinvigorating yourself and your career.

David Oddis
College Board

David Oddis is a ScrumMaster and agile coach for College Board, a leading non-profit education organization. A proven agile and quality development advocate, he enjoys presenting on agile, quality and testing strategies, team building, coaching, mentoring, critical thinking, and servant leadership. David currently focuses on helping teams adopt and implement agile practices, and providing leadership to increase quality levels and drive business alignment. A dynamic speaker on the local and regional circuit, he also spends time writing on the topics of mentoring and leadership. Prior to his organization’s agile transformation, David was the senior director of quality engineering. Connect with David on LinkedIn.