Agile Dev East 2017 Industry Presentation : From Code Drop to Continuous Smoke Test in 11 Minutes


Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

From Code Drop to Continuous Smoke Test in 11 Minutes

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Test early, Test continuously. One of our mantras in Agile Development is immediate quality feedback, technically provided by setting up a continuous integration pipeline.  But what is the benchmark for quality feedback in highly complex and integrated customers' application environments?


  • The challenges that enterprises faces setting up a continuous integration
  • How to tackle application dependencies in CI
  • How to give enterprise applications’ developers quality feedback within 12 minutes after code check-in - instead of 12 months
Alexander Mohr

Alexander Mohr


Alexander Mohr joined Tricentis as a service virtualization evangelist and enterprise solution architect. He is responsible for defining strategy, evolving best practices, and helping customers establish and achieve service virtualization goals that advance their business objectives. Alexander has more than sixteen years of experience in the financial and telecom sectors, developing applications and covering business analysis, test management, project management, and enterprise architecture. Previously, Alexander oversaw the service virtualization implementation for a major Austrian telecommunications provider.