Agile Dev East 2017 Concurrent Session : Transform Test Organizations for the New World of DevOps


Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Transform Test Organizations for the New World of DevOps

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With the recent emergence of DevOps across the industry, testing organizations are being challenged to transform themselves significantly within a short period of time to stay meaningful within their organizations. It’s not easy to plan and approach these changes considering the way testing organizations have remained structured for ages. These challenges start from foundational organizational structures and can cut across leadership influence, competencies, tools strategy, infrastructure, and other dimensions. Sumit Kumar shares his experience assisting various organizations to overcome these challenges using an organized DevOps enablement framework. The framework includes radical restructuring, turning the tools strategy upside down, a multidimensional workforce enablement supported by infrastructure changes, redeveloped collaborations models, and more. From his real world experiences Sumit shares tips for approaching this journey and explains the roadmap for testing organizations to transform themselves to lead the quality in DevOps.

Sumit Kumar

Director at Capgemini Sumit Kumar has more than seventeen years of experience in testing delivery, leading testing transformation, and assisting testing organizations adopting changes. In recent years Sumit has worked with various mid- to large-size testing organizations to make them DevOps ready. Sumit works through organizational restructuring, baselining testing maturity, drawing testing transformation roadmaps, and implementing initiatives spanning across test engineering functions, tools strategy, solutions build-up, workforce enablement, and establishing collaborations. Sumit has constantly conceptualized and delivered solution platforms that enable better DevOps adoption.