Agile Dev East 2017 Concurrent Session : Fundamentals of Docker


Thursday, November 9, 2017 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Fundamentals of Docker

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Docker seems to be taking the IT world by storm. But why all the excitement about yet another virtual machine technology? Because Docker is much more. Korey Earl says that Docker solves many DevOps challenges including process isolation, build once-deploy anywhere, and automated scaling without the resource overhead that comes with virtual machines. Docker can improve resource utilization, infrastructure agility, and the transition from development to operations, allowing IT organizations to support the business rather than holding it back. Join Korey as he reviews the basics of the Docker technology stack, and explains Linux containers and how they isolate processes from the rest of the OS. He explores AUFS (Another Union File System) and how Docker uses it to build immutable images. Korey describes how Docker uses virtual networking to lessen the headaches of managing service discovery and network partitioning. After examining how Docker differs from virtual machines, Korey discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each technology, and details how both play well together in modern cloud infrastructures.

Korey Earl

Korey Earl is a senior consultant at ThoughtWorks where he has worked on several Docker and infrastructure automation projects. He has presented and given workshops on Docker and infrastructure as code. In the IT Industry since 2000, Korey has done everything from running network cables and administering servers to authoring testing software for ultra-high pressure vessels to developing backend Java software for a major US-based airline. In his spare time, Korey enjoys working on IoT projects with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. He resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his wife and three young daughters.