Agile Dev East 2017 Concurrent Session : A Customer Value-Driven Model for the Agile Enterprise


Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm

A Customer Value-Driven Model for the Agile Enterprise

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Are you looking for ways to ensure your teams are always working on the highest customer value ideas? Do you want the ability to quickly adapt to microchanges in the market? Do you want end-to-end visibility of work across the enterprise from inception to delivery? If so, this session with Mario Moreira is for you. Discover how to operate in an agile manner at every level of your enterprise and gain the business benefits it can bring. Mario explores innovative concepts such as enterprise kanban, lean canvas, cost of delay, agile budgeting, discovery mindset, incremental thinking, story mapping, customer feedback loops, and more to help you seamlessly build an agile customer value-driven engine that continuously focuses on the highest value work for your customers. Learn to avoid the dangers of certainty thinking, annual planning, big batches, and big upfront thinking. Take back innovative concepts to get you started building your customer value-driven model for greater business success.

Mario Moreira

An enterprise agile consultant and master agile coach at Vistaprint, Mario Moreira focuses on company success by increasing value of products, optimizing flow for faster delivery, and increasing quality through customer feedback. He coaches and educates executives, management, and distributed teams. Mario specializes in transforming enterprises to agile and introducing cutting edge agile concepts and practices—Scrum, XP, kanban, lean canvas, VFQ, story mapping, value stream mapping, self-organizing teams, and more. Mario authored The Agile Enterprise: Building and Running Agile Organizations, Being Agile: Your Roadmap to Successful Adoption of Agile, and Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams. He regularly blogs on Agile Adoption Roadmap.